Underage Festival

The underage festival strikes again and is ready to take the summer and our youth by storm21.3

This summer the Underage Festival returns once again to Victoria Park, London. Underage is the world’s first festival that is strictly open to teenagers everywhere.  This event will take place on Friday 5th August from 11am-8pm. It will feature acts such as Devlin, Giggs, Fugative, Janelle Monae, Roll Deep, Labrinth and many more.

It is available for people aged 13 – 17 and can take in 10,000 people. The Underage manager said, “I have watched the festival year on year and have always felt the best atmosphere was when the crowd was younger. At 13 you don’t have anything like this to go to so I wanted to lower the age and make it accessible to a younger audience. Plus 13 is when you become a teenager so it makes sense.”


It is strictly for teenagers – no parents are allowed. They have offered a two for one scheme for disabled festival goers who need full time assistance.

Underage was founded in 2007 by a 14 year old boy called Sam Kilcoyne. It started as a club in the Coronet in Elephant and Castle but Marcus Weedon later turned it into a festival which has attracted thousands of teenagers each year.

Some parents will be wary about Underage not allowing parents but rest assured they have got this covered. Underage is working with local police and Tower Hamlets in the following categories: Health & Safety, Child Protection, Environmental Health and Events and Licensing.


This event has previously had acts like Tinie Tempah. This year the event will be featuring a wide variety of acts such as: Devlin, Fugative, Janelle Monae, Giggs, Roll Deep, Labrinth, Brother, Bombay Bicycle Club, Cocknbullkid and

This event will have a positive impact on supporting and promoting teenagers as Underage has worked closely with a company called Trashed with lots of work experience for the festival. “We try to show that the music industry is beyond being in a band and try to show other sides of it that make these events happen.” Says the Manager.


The Manager says that the festivals will continue on into the future because it has become a popular and it’s trusted as a safe environment. He says that they are looking to do some more events throughout the year and maybe even do some in Europe. Deniz, aged 16, says of the festival, “It was really good. My mates and I got to meet lots of famous people and the music was fantastic. I will definitely go again this summer.”


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