Cardinal Pole – Phone Ban

Cardinal Pole School has completely banned phones and other electrical devices from being carried with students at school. The ban came about when 10-20 phones were being confiscated on a daily basis. At Cardinal Pole, phones were banned from usage in and around the school premises. However the rules were disobeyed and the head teacher, Ms. Hartigan, called for a ban on all phones, at school.

Ms. Hartigan said that the ban was for the better of the students and the education. “Phones make up a big part of our lives now days and at the speed that technology is moving, students can use their phones in ways other than for contact with their parents” she said “we cannot let mobile phones take away students chances of proper education”. The head teacher is concerned for the distractions that phones bring during school hours. “When ten to twenty phones are being confiscated, daily, and phones being used more obviously in school, the best way to keep students from the distraction of their phones would be to ban then completely.”


Phones being confiscated

Phones are causing a conflict, in the school environment, between the students and the teachers as they argue over confiscating phones and removing them from the students. This is also putting a lot of pressure on the teachers as they are forced to keep an eye out for students using their phones during class times.


In the letter distributed to all parents about the ban it stated, “Some pupils are finding it very difficult to resist the use of their phones during the course of the day, so much so that they are now becoming a real problem for our school environment.”



This is becoming a real issue for students now that they are all carrying the most sophisticated mobile technology such as, Blackberry’s, iPhones and other smart phone technology. Pupils are finding it incredibly difficult to resist bringing their phones out. For this reason students cannot be trusted with having phones on their person. miss hartigan.bmp

Ms. Hartigan in the interview with Sigourney

Before the ban, phones were allowed to be taken into school but needed to be switched off and not in full view. Teachers were noticing the significant rise in students taking their phones out in lessons and checking their phones for various updates. Even now, after the ban phones are being used and confiscated from students during lessons.

Ms. Hartigan was also questioned about the safety of pupils travelling to and from school and she said “students have access to the school phone during the day, at any point. If anything has to be organised they are able to call home to make plans for any reason.” She was then questioned about the dangers of a pupil having an expensive mobile phone with them, on the way to and from school and she added that not having a phone on these journeys may put students at less of a risk.


Students, however, are strongly against the ban and believe that having phones on their person is merely a way of having contact with their parents. Although many students have had their phones confiscated they still think that have to have their phone on their person. “I would like for the rule to be that phones are banned on school premises but that we are still allowed to bring them to school. I’m willing to switch my phone off.” said one Cardinal Pole Pupil. The students we asked are starting to wonder if the ban is for them to not be distracted or if the ban is so that teachers don’t have to see phones

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