Red Nose Desert Walk 



Nine celebrities

Took on one of the world’s most inhospitable deserts in Kenya to raise money for red nose day. Ronni Ancona, Craig David, Lorraine Kelly, Scott Mills, Olly Murs, Dermot O’leary, Nadia Sawalha, Kara Tointon and Peter White http://images.mirror.co.uk/upl/m4/feb2011/1/9/image-6-for-celebrities-take-part-in-a-red-nose-day-desert-trek-in-aid-of-comic-relief-gallery-93557399.jpgwere this entire project which wasn’t really pleasant.


The celebrities trekked 107 kilometres over just five days and in temperatures as hot as 118 degrees Fahrenheit to raise as much money as they could for Comic Relief, but was it all worth it? Although they had a couple of weeks training, the heat was unbearable and they had to keep their strength and motivation up for as long as they could. Problems they could have encountered on, the way include excruciating blisters, extremely weak and tired legs and a very possible chance of dehydration.


The trekkers were also aiming to highlight the issue of blindness that affects many parts of Africa but could be prevented. Throughout the walk, the team met people around the local area and most of them were either blind or losing their sight.

Overall the Team raised an astounding £1,375,037 and because of them, many people with sight problems are receiving treatment to save them from going blind at a special eye camp.                 

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