Tokyo water unfit for babies due to high radiation.


Tap water in Tokyo and some parts of Fukushima is unfit    for babies because of high radiation.


The people in Fukushima, where the nuclear power plant was damaged by the earthquake and the tsunami, will not be able to eat vegetables because of fears of food contamination by the radiation.


Tokyo Officials have ordered parents not to allow their babies that are under 12 month’s to drink water from the tap but some say that they will need a good amount of water before it can harm them.

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Many people have gone to buy lots of bottled water because they fear the tap water is contaminated.


The leaders have also ordered that they should not eat 11 different types of green vegetables grown locally, this means they cannot send their goods to the market.

 Ibatali have been told to stop shipments of milk and parsley. Hong Kong, Australia and the US have already banned products from that area, while countries like China, Taiwan and South Korea have already been carrying out test on food imports from Japan.

There is some good news as well the radiation levels in Tokyo have fallen below the danger level.


A Japanese secretary, Yukio Edano had this to say. “If the food is eaten for a short period of time, there is no real threat for the people who live in Fukushima. But unfortunately as the dilemma is expected to continue, we are asking that food supplies stop, and it is desirable to avoid eating foods as much as possible.


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