At Cardinal Pole school Year 9 students have been doing a project on News to contribute to the BBC news school report day. Students been working on this for many weeks and they learnt many things like how to write interviews and gather news. When doing news you have to be clear, concise and correct.  Also remember the 5 W’s who, what, were, when, why and don’t forget how.  This makes sure the stories are 100% true and easy to read. An assistant producer from BBC news round also came to help the students out with their stories on school report day. As well as that our I.C.T. and English department joined forces to help them out with the technical jobs for the website. There are many things within this project to see and hear so the year 9’s hope you enjoy their webpage.

miss hartigan.bmpCardinal Pole – Phone Ban

Cardinal Pole School has completely banned phones and other electrical devices from being carried with students at school. The ban came about when 10-20 phones were being confiscated on a daily basis. At Cardinal Pole, phones were banned from usage in and around the school premises. However the rules were disobeyed and the head teacher, Ms. Hartigan, called for a ban on all phones, at school. more

By Sigourney& Tabita




Red Nose Desert Walk

Nine celebrities took on one of the world’s most inhospitable deserts in Kenya to raise money for red nose day. Ronni Ancona, Craig David, Lorraine Kelly, Scott Mills, Olly Murs, Dermot O’leary, Nadia Sawalha, Kara Tointon and Peter White were all of this project which wasn’t really pleasant. more

                                                                                                                                      By Suwoo Essence(Chrissy&Habib)


Comic Relief beats another record! http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Media/Pix/pictures/2011/3/18/1300447786052/Comic-Relief-Red-Nose-Day-007.jpgEvery Red nose day (18th March) the BBC gets millions of celebrities together to raise money for comic relief in different ways. This year was the most extreme yet with shows such as ‘Let’s dance for comic relief’ and ‘Comic relief does glee club’ entertaining us all while raising money for a great cause. In total they raised a record breaking £74,360,207. more

                                                                   By Au News(E,K,A,C,H)

water babies

Tap water in Tokyo and some parts of Fukushima is unfit for babies because of high radiation. more     


Quake & Tsunami In Japan

tsunami 2.jpg

Electricity has been restored to three reactors at the Japanese nuclear plant wrecked by fire and explosions after the 11 march quake and tsunami. However the cooling systems are not yet operating and the head of the UN nuclear watchdog said the situation “remains very serious”. more

By Alliance(Steven&Nelson)

Underage Festival





            This summer the Underage Festival returns once again to Victoria Park, London. Underage is the world’s first festival that is strictly open to teenagers everywhere.  This event will take place on Friday 5th August from 11am-8pm. It will feature acts such as Devlin, Giggs, Fugative, Janelle Monae, Roll Deep, Labrinth and many more . more


By Jet Ski Wave(J,S,R,Y,E,M)



Top story(Phone Ban)

Red Nose Desert Walk

Comic Relief Beats Another Record

Water Radiation In Japan

  Quake And Tsunami In Japan

Underage Festival